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Machine Express delivers the highest quality, most affordable ASR transcripts.

How It Works

We make ordering your transcripts quick, simple, and painless.

Lowest Prices Anywhere

Our Machine Express service allows for fast and affordable transcripts of any volume, at only $0.07 per audio minute.

Quick Turnaround

Just drop your audio and video files into our transcription software, sit back and relax, and in no time at all you will have a high quality transcription. Turnaround time in 3X the length of your audio file (1 min of audio takes 3 minutes to transcribe).

Enterprise Solutions

No matter the size of your team or volume of content, we can customize our product to work for your organization.

Admin level access to add team members.
Centralize billing and track what your team has submitted.
Highest level of information security.
Easy to build API.

Popular Industries We Serve

No matter what industry you need transcription for, we are focused on providing the highest quality services at the lowest prices.


Spend more time with your clients and less time on paperwork using Machine Express.


Reporters, film makers, radio personalities and countless others benefit from our transcription services.


Quick, affordable transcription for students, researchers or faculty.


Get fast, accurate transcriptions for meetings, conferences and much more.


From focus groups, in-depth interviews to webinars, Machine Express is great for any marketing transcription needs.


Use our speech recognition software to help write emails, documents and essays without having to type.

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What kind of audio works best?

Speech-to-text technology is really smart, yet it can’t produce perfect transcripts. Our automated transcription software will work for just about any file type but below are some standards that will produce the highest quality transcription. Check out our Machine Express FAQ by clicking here.

Distinct Speakers

Clear Audio

Low Ambient Noise

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