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Gain valuable business intelligence with our suite of products tailored to corporate use cases.

Product Suite

We offer a suite of transcription products that can be custom tailored to meet any use case in a variety of languages.


Your content is confidential and protected on our intelligent platform that has the industry’s highest information security protocols in place.

High Quality

Sophisticated AI and multiple levels of review are in place to ensure transcripts are completed highly and consistently accurate.

Simplicity is Key! Easy as 1-2-3.

TranscribeMe online secure file transfer platform offers a simple and easy to use process to order and manage all kinds of healthcare and medical transcripts.


Audio is everywhere in the business world, and contained in it is a wealth of untapped information. Using a combination of the latest in speech recognition technology paired with a global curated workforce, TranscribeMe has put together a suite of products that can deliver highly accurate transcripts for any use case and at any price point.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality transcription at the lowest cost, and we work with thousands of companies worldwide. Some common use cases include:

– Market Research: to analyze customer and stakeholder feedback
– Contact Centers: to understand the voice of the customer
– Corporate Communications: to amplify and promote the company strategy
– Digital Media: to simplify editing and easily identify valuable content
– Human Resources: to improve and help mitigate potential compliance liabilities
– Many others, including sales calls, webinars, labor relations, dictations, etc


Technology And Security: Information security is a top priority in the business world, and TranscribeMe has combined the latest in AI speech recognition technology with a sophisticated workforce management platform to deliver transcripts quickly and securely. Our cloud based platform intelligently microtasks your audio and routes it to the best qualified transcriptionists, allowing your content to remain confidential. Audio can also be recorded and submitted for transcription on our iOS and Android smartphone applications, or be connected through Dropbox accounts.

We have invested considerable resources to ensure the industry’s highest information security protocols are in place, and have undergone numerous security audits without incident. These workflows have been applied within corporations of all sizes, and enable quick deployment and rapid scalability.

Services customized for your needs



The transcription process can be automated with our REST API or through an easy to use SFTP.


Workflows can be custom organized to meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements.


Transcriber teams can be limited to certain areas or have specific certifications to meet most use cases.


Around the clock support with under 24 hour response time, and an Account Manager dedicated to your team.


Transcriptions can be provided in 9 languages and many accents.


Easily manage your team with enhanced features that ensure oversight and administrative control.

Limor Hochbergs

TranscribeMe has done a terrific job in helping us meet a tight deadline for a demanding client. They helped us tailor the transcripts to our particular needs, and were always available, helpful and patient.

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